Comfort Keepers Senior Care Services & Medication Management in East Peoria, IL

Find out how senior care services can help your aging loved one in East Peoria, IL with medication management

Comfort Keepers is a home care agency that provides a wide range of senior care services. This includes everything from assistance with mobility and personal care tasks to providing companionship. Still, one of the services that are most commonly used is the medication management. This is not a surprise, given the fact that many seniors are finding it hard to stay organized, especially if they are required to take different medications at different times of day.

You have every right to be concerned whether your elderly loved one is taking proper doses of medication at the exact time as prescribed by their physician. An even worse scenario is if they take more than prescribed, something that can even be lethal. In order to have a peace of mind, Comfort Keepers caregivers can help your senior loved one in East Peoria, IL with medication management and reminders.

East Peoria, IL Senior Care Services  

One of many senior care services provided by Comfort Keepers in East Peoria, IL is medication management. The caregivers’ job is to make sure the clients get the right dosage at the right time, that is, exactly as the doctor has prescribed. Apart from providing medication reminders, Comfort Keepers will also provide assistance with picking up the prescriptions, reading the labels, and so on.  

There’s another reason why hiring Comfort Keepers is the right choice. Given the fact that these caregivers are licensed professionals with a lot of experience in this work, they will be able to spot any side effects of the medication.

Comfort Keepers’ Medication Management Systems

Comfort Keepers in East Peoria, IL use three different systems for medication management. Each of these systems alarms the caregiver if the senior hasn’t taken the medication on time. This way, the risk of health problems caused by improper medicine use is reduced to zero. The best thing is that our senior caregivers will be willing to let the seniors use these systems on their own. Of course, while keeping an eye on everything.

If you believe your aging loved one could benefit from in-home senior care services and medication management, contact us today. Apart from this particular issue, we can also help the seniors with many other problems. Talk to us about your unique situation and care needs.

Comfort Keepers of Peoria, IL offers in home care to seniors in:

Bartonville, Brimfield, Chilicothe, Dunlap, East Peoria, Elmwood, Eureka, Metamora, Morton, Pekin, Peoria,  Peoria Heights, Tremont and Washington, IL


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