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Senior In Home Care: The FAST Test for Stroke Recognition

May 10, 2018 by Julie Carnegie Reams

One of the most reputable senior in home care agencies in Illinois, Comfort Keepers has decided to share useful information for Stroke Awareness Month. To do that, we have decided to talk about a method used to spot stroke symptoms. The method in question is the FAST test.

Why is it called ‘FAST’? It’s because this word stands for Face, Arms, Speech, and Time. This test is very easy to remember. All the senior in home care providers need to do is look for clues in the client’s face, arms, and speech. If they spot a sign of stroke, it is time to give a call to 911.

So, what kind of clues should they look for? Well, first of all, the caregivers ought to determine whether the senior can smile properly. If their smile is crooked or if one side of the senior’s face drops when they try to smile, it may mean that a stroke is occurring.

The senior in home care team also needs to check whether the senior can move their hands easily. If one of their hands drops down when unassisted, it’s a sure sign that something bad is going on at the moment.

The final thing that needs to be checked is the senior’s ability to speak. If they can’t talk properly or don’t understand what the caregiver is telling them, it means that the time has come when real doctors need to get involved.

Obviously, the FAST test is a good way for senior in home care providers to check whether their client is in danger of having a stroke. Unfortunately, sometimes this test might not be enough to recognize a stroke. This is exactly the reason why we insist that everyone should learn as much as possible about the symptoms of this disease.

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